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Appetizer Catering

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Cold Items

Price Per Person
Guacamole & Salsa (regular, pineapple, black bean and corn; choose 1) w/Chips $4
Fresh Fruit Wedge Tray or Salad $3
Cheese Tray (Cubed or Sliced) w/Crackers $3
Vegetable Tray w/Homemade Dip $2.5
Antipasto Tray (veggies,cheese,olives,meats) $4.5
Local Charcuterie Tray (Smoking Goose Meats and local cheeses) $7
Petite Sandwiches on Rolls (ham,turkey,roast beef, tuna salad,chicken salad) $2
Petite Sandwiches on Croissants (same as above) $3
House-cured Smoked Salmon served with grated egg,onion,capers,crackers $5
Cold Cut Roll-Ups (ham,turkey,roast beef,salami w/sauces) $3
Mexican Pizza (multi-layered dip) w/Chips $4
Marinated Mushrooms w/Spicy Cream Cheese $2
Deviled Eggs (regular,artichoke,shrimp paste,chick pea) $3.5
Lime & Basil Pesto Tortellini Salad $4
Asian Style Chicken Pasta Salad $4
Cheese Ball (sundried tomato & pesto,smoked salmon,Cajun shrimp) w/Crackers $3
Bagel Wedges w/Cream Cheese Fillings $2
Mini Phyllo Cups w/Greek Style Chicken & Feta Cheese or Caramelized onion and Gorgonzola $3
Italian Caprese Skewers-Fresh Mozzarella w/Grape Tomatoes $3
Dip Combo (choose 2) Chips & Salsa, Hummous w/Baked Pita Chips, Zaalouk w/Baked Pita Chips, Herbed Cream Cheese w/Baked Pita Chips, Shrimp & Crab Red Pepper w/Baked Pita Chips, Cranberry & Pineapple Cream Cheese w/Baked Pita Chips $4.5

Hot Items

Price Per Person
Roasted Fingerlings with Bravas Sauce
Porter Braised Beef Mini Tacos
Spinach/Artichoke Dip w/Baked Pita Chips
Thai Chicken Lettuce Rolls
Empanadas-Beef,Chicken,Veggie or Crab
Chicken Wing Drumettes (fried,cajun,sweet-n- sour,bbq)
Beef Satay-Szechaun Teriyaki or Italian Beef w/Peppers,Onions,Marinara
Chicken Satay-Chili Lime or Thai spiced w/Dipping sauces
Salmon Satay-Chili Lime,Smoked Maple
Mini Quiche (meat & veggie)
Fried Cheese or Sausage Ravioli w/Marinara
Wonton Wraps (thai chicken,shrimp,veggie) w/Sauces
Stuffed Mushrooms (sausage,veggie,crab,shrimp)
Egg Rolls (pork,shrimp,veggie) w/Sauces
Shrimp Cocktail or Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp
Chicken Fingers w/Sauces
Buffalo-Style Chicken Fingers w/Blue Cheese
Meatballs-Beef or Turkey (swedish,bbq,italian,sweet-n- sour, spicy tomato)
Mini Franks in BBQ Sauce
Thin Sliced Beef Tenderloin w/Horsey Sauce & Mini Buns
Parmesan Breadsticks w/Marinara
Crab Cakes w/Cocktail Sauce
Coffee Crusted Steak Bites with Chimmi Churri

All Items are Priced per Person. Each Person Receives a Generous Portion

Call (317) 570-0727 to schedule your appetizer catering party!!

  • Minimum Order for Delivery is $300
  • Each Order Will Have a Delivery Charge of $20 & a Pickup Charge of $20 -if needed
  • Regular Paper Goods are $.75/Person
  • Clear Paper Goods are $2/Person
  • China is Available for $1.00/Piece i.e. fork, plate, glass
  • Servers & Bartenders are Available for $75/each plus Gratuity